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Grab your helmet and jump on your motorcycle to raise money for autism research at the AML Bikers for Autism Science Foundation Ride on Monday, June 17.   

The ride will start in Rockville Centre, NY and wind along the coast of Long Island to the Montauk Lighthouse, a national historic landmark. The 100 mile ride will raise awareness and donations for the Autism Science Foundation (ASF), a 501(c)(3) public charity that funds scientists working to uncover the causes of autism spectrum disorders and to develop the most effective treatments for people with autism of all ages.   

Volunteer ride organizer Barry Koch, father of a child with autism, has chaired this event for the past four years. “This ride has raised thousands of dollars for autism science over the years,” said Koch. “It is an honor to ride in the name of raising awareness about autism. We're hoping for a big group and to raise lots of money for the cause.”

ASF President Alison Singer will jump on as a passenger to help raise funds, “Am I scared? In a word, YES! But not as scared as I am that we are not funding autism research fast enough,” Singer said. “We are finally at the point where there is more good autism research waiting to be funded than there is money to fund it. It’s critical that we raise as much money as possible. Our families deserve nothing less.”

Want to participate in the Bikers for Autism Science Foundation event but just can’t fit it in your busy schedule? Does the thought of riding a motorcycle give you the willies? If so, we have the PERFECT solution for you. Help raise money for critically needed autism research by creating a personalized fundraising page! We encourage you to tell your family, friends and co-workers about the ride. The deadline to reach the finish line is June 17, so get your fundraising engine revved up and let’s get cruising!

Donors are reminded that many employers have matching-gift programs, which can double or triple the impact of a donation. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, ASF is eligible for many matching-gift programs of corporations, foundations and other organizations.

The Autism Science Foundation’s mission is to support autism research by providing funding to scientists and organizations conducting autism research. ASF also provides information about autism to the general public and serves to increase awareness of autism spectrum disorders and the needs of individuals and families affected by autism. To learn more or to make a donation visit www.autismsciencefoundation.org.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Rachel Sloan $250.00 A great cause. Hope the bike ride went well.
Kimberly Ellis $36.00 Have fun on your ride and good luck! Kimmy
Maxine Moskowitz $54.00 Good Luck :)!
Ed Kirchner $6.00
Estelle Reiner $66.00 For my sweet and gentle Alex
Deborah Rubenstein $50.00
Amy Lutz $100.00
June Eaton $50.00
Emily Thomas $1.00
Kapiolani Kassal $20.00 Go get them Stef! Love!!
Dennis Lormel $100.00 Good luck with the ride. Safe travels.
Richard Stanger $100.00
Diane Novak $100.00
Joseph Spector $200.00 2nd time around
Mollie Kerr $10.00
Barbara Schwer Rakusin $25.00
Anonymous Donor $6.00
Ross Cybul $9.00
Meryl Lutsky $50.00 Have a Safe Ride
Anonymous Donor $25.00 This is wonderful! Good luck with the ride!
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Christina Suh $100.00 Keep that helmet on! All the best,
Jill Greenspan $100.00 Keep up the amazing work!!!!
Michelle DeLong $36.00
Carrie Levande $100.00
David Schiffer $250.00 Safe Banking Systems
Estelle K. Reiner $100.00 I am so proud of my loving and caring granddaughter. You are making a difference for Alex and everyone with Autism.
Aaron Wolfson $100.00
Audrey Appelbaum $20.00 Go Stef!!! Good luck and have fun!!
Brendon Argyle $10.00 Well done. A thousand bucks. Boom.
Craig Dabney $50.00
Haley Moon $11.00 Had to get you to $1,000!!!!!!
Jonathan Kemp $50.00
Angela Ferranti $25.00
Katie Lemmon $100.00 Anything for you love!!
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Samantha Bernard Steinberg $6.00
Neil Peart $36.00 Sunrise on the Road Behind. Nothing Can Stop You Now.
Janette gee $18.00
Rebecca Ricks $15.00 Love you Stef. This is a wonderful thing you are doing.
Missy Lagera $6.00
Amy Zitelman $18.00
Simone Attia $54.00 I am happy to support such a worthwhile cause, that means so much to your family.
Zoë Millman $10.00 So happy to support my little brother Alex! Have fun at the ride!
Sammy Feldschuh $10.00
Alison Singer $50.00
Sofia Coon $10.00 Here to support you in everything you do! I know how important this is to you. Miss you bunches.
Zak Millman $66.60
Noah Millman $6.00
Jack Reiner $100.00 Uncle Jack, Aunt Mary, and all your cousins support you! Wear a helmet!
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